Chimney Repairs Prevent Ice Dams Minneapolis MN

Prevent Ice Dams And Water Damage

Chimney Repair MNOnce again cold and snowy winter conditions have taken Minneapolis, MN by storm. As these early cold temperatures set in, the possibility of Ice Dams goes up. An ice dam forms when there is snow coverage and non-uniform roof temperatures. A chimney that is in poor condition adds fuel to this scenario. It is wise to contact Experienced Chimney Professionals to perform any necessary chimney repair and restoration work before the problem worsens. Dupont Construction & Remodeling are both Licensed Contractors and Masonry Experts.

Anatomy Of An Ice Dam

Damaging Ice Dams are far too common during volatile Minnesota Winters. Freezing and Warming temperature cycles make ice dams that much more abundant. They can form when a roof has a large amount of snow coverage, heat loss through the upper roof areas and temperatures below 32 degrees on the lower surfaces.

Heat loss around the upper roof area causes melting that runs down the roof covering and pools when it reaches ice that remains on the cold eaves. These ice dams force the melting snow to form pools that can back up inside of the roof coverings, down the walls and through ceilings. Damages due to ice dams can be Very Costly.

Chimney Repair And Restoration

Chimneys that are in bad shape add to the heat loss and subsequent ice dams. Missing or damaged flashing along with cracked or otherwise damaged masonry allows heat loss when you use your fireplace. Repairing damaged chimneys and flashing helps to prevent unwanted heat loss and melting snow. Masonry experts can pinpoint the problem areas and repair them efficiently. Contact an experienced chimney professional for inspections and estimates on needed chimney repairs.

Experienced Chimney Professionals

Do Not Delay if your chimney is in need of repairs. Dupont Construction and Remodeling are licensed contractors and masonry experts with extensive experience in Chimney Repair and Restoration. We are happy to inspect your chimney for any damage that may increase your chances of finding unwanted Ice Dams on your Minneapolis, MN roof.

At Dupont Construction & Remodeling Our Work is Our Word. We know that you will be 100% Satisfied with our work and include a great Warranty to prove it.

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