Chimney Rebuild – Minneapolis, MN

Dupont Construction and Remodeling recently did a chimney rebuild for a customer in the City of Minneapolis. This chimney was in bad shape the customer had been having issues for the last few years with her furnace. The pilot light would go out leaving her “heat-less” so she would call the gas company to come out to re-light the pilot light, however on several occasions they told her that due to a blockage in her furnace pipes there was not a good enough draw on the gas line to re-light the pilot, so she would have to make a small repair here and there to get the pilot light turned back on and re-light her furnace.

The customer called Dupont Construction to inspect her chimney. Once there, Justin noticed that the furnace pipe inside the chimney seemed to be rusted and full of debris which could easily create a risk for fire as well as cause health problems for the homeowner from the gas not venting properly to and from the house. The homeowner contracted us to remove her existing chimney and re-build the chimney from the ground up, over 100 courses high, using over 1,200 bricks and replacing the interior furnace piping so that her furnace would operate correctly in a safe and efficient manner. She was pleasantly surprised upon her return from work one evening to see just how far we had gotten on her project and the beautiful craftsmanship and design that went into rebuilding her chimney. Our guys took extra time and attention to add structural detail and appeal to the outside of the chimney giving it our signature extra special look at stands out and gets noticed. 

Winter is just around the corner… Call Dupont Construciton and Remodeling Today!  Call 763-753-9796 to have your chimney inspected and receive a free estimate in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and surrounding Twin Cities Area.

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