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Chimney Repair MNMarch is a transitional month for Minneapolis weather. One day is warm and spring like and the next can be cold and snowy. It’s a great time of the year to use your fireplace to try and shake off the chill. It’s also a great time to take a closer look at your chimney and have it repaired by a Local Masonry Expert like Dupont Construction & Remodeling. If the structural integrity of a brick or stone chimney is in rough shape it creates a big safety hazard. With our knowledge and experience we can provide you with money saving Masonry Services including Chimney Repair, Chimney Restoration and complete Chimney Rebuilds that could make the chimney better than ever before.

MN Chimney Repair Services

Minnesota winters can be very tough on masonry structures such as a fireplace chimney. The freeze thaw cycle can damage mortar joints and cause spalling, which is basically when the face of the brick falls off or crumbles. Wetness from snow or rain can be absorbed by the brick itself and then freeze and expand as the temperatures drop overnight.

An Experienced Brick Mason from Dupont Construction & Remodeling has techniques that can be used to Repair Brick or Stone Chimneys. A combination of age old me masonry methods and the latest technological advances can be used to create the best of all situations for a damaged chimney.

Quality Chimney Restoration Services

Anyone with a masonry chimney should understand that Minor Chimney Repairs can be from time to time. Combine the ravages of time with the harsh Minnesota climate and you can see why chimneys begin to deteriorate and need repair.

If your chimney has areas where the structure is crumbling or cracked then its time to contact the experts at Dupont Construction & Remodeling for Quality Chimney Restoration Services. Our masonry experts can also provide you with a cosmetic facelift that may dramatically update the look of the chimney.

Some Chimney Restoration Techniques include:

  • Tuckpointing
  • Brick Mortar Joint Repair
  • Remove and Replace Damaged Bricks
  • Chimney Crown Repair
  • Repair Crumbling Stucco
  • Replace or Upgrade Stones

Top to Bottom Chimney Rebuilds

Chimneys that are very deteriorated can be a dangerous safety hazard. Dupont Construction & Remodeling is happy to give you a Free Estimate on what it would cost to do a Complete Top to Bottom Chimney Rebuild.

Masonry Services Minneapolis

Dupont Construction & Remodeling believes in doing the job right without cutting corners. The durability of a large Brick or Stone Chimney is very important from a safety standpoint and value standpoint. With a decade of brickwork experience in the Minneapolis, MN area, Dupont Construction & Remodeling is the best choice for quality workmanship and value.

Trust Dupont Construction & Remodeling for Chimney Repairs, Chimney Restorations and Rebuilds. Contact us at: 763-753-9697

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