Chimney Repair & Restoration Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis MN Chimney Repair & Restoration

The days are getting cooler, the nights are getting longer, and another Minnesota summer is almost history. Shocking but true! My, my how time flies. It’s also one of one of the best times of the year to inspect your chimney for general safety. So, before fire season gets underway, check that your chimney cap is still in good shape. You don’t want to have to climb on your snow-covered roof this winter to replace it!

Install Chimney Caps

chimney capsChimney caps are probably the most inexpensive preventive measure that a homeowner can do to prevent water penetration and damage to your chimney.

Strong winds during fall and winter storms can tear off a chimney cap. If properly secured chimney caps withstand most high winds, but exceptional winds can do damage, including blowing chimney cap off. Also, most homes built before the 1980′s simply never had chimney caps to begin with.

Chimney caps also prevent water, snow, animals, bird droppings, and leaves from entering your home. A damaged (or missing) chimney cap may no longer be protecting your chimney and home. A once-a-year check on your chimney caps can be well worth your time for protecting your house.

Repair or Replace a Damaged Chimney Crown

a cracked or loose crown can lead to loose brick and deterioration of the brick and mortar joints

A cracked or loose crown can lead to loose brick and deterioration of the brick and mortar joints

Don’t forget to check the condition of your chimney crown. Any leaks or cracks could lead to BIG BIG problems! Cracks can expand as water freezes in them and drives them wider. Eventually the crown will deteriorate to the point that an expensive rebuild or replacement becomes necessary.

It is important to know that there are many reasons for a chimney leak. Even if you may see an obvious reason for a leak in your chimney, there can be other contributing factors that aren’t so obvious.

  • If the metal flashing around your chimney is improperly installed or nearing the end of its service life, it could result in a leak.
  • Another obvious reason for a leak is the flashing. The metal may have been installed improperly or is simply reaching the end of its service life.

Chimneys can be dangerous if allowed to deteriorate. It can release dangerous toxic gases into your home. It can allow flames and sparks to escape and come in contact with potentially combustible materials in your home and create a fire. If not properly repaired, loose bricks and masonry materials will begin to fall and potentially fall onto cars, neighbors, visitors or you… Not to mention they’re downright ugly!

Chimney Repair MNChimney leaks and cracks can go unsolved for years if you don’t realize this is occurring or don’t have the experience to see the existing conditions that could lead to it. Let’s face it most homeowners are not comfortable climbing up on their roofs to look at their chimneys and even if they do, most of the time they don’t know what they are looking at. That’s why its important to have the experience of a reputable Minnesota company who is aware of these issues and knows what to look for.

Considering the risks involved when they are neglected – and the benefits you gain when they are properly maintained – you would do well to have your chimneys checked annually and repaired as needed. If you have any question about the safety of your chimney, schedule an estimate that will include a complete inspection. Once it has been inspected and is found to be in good condition, you can heat your home safely, and you and your family can enjoy your wood stove or fireplace with peace of mind all winter!

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