Chimney Repair, Minneapolis MN

Is your chimney in need of repair? Are you seeing pieces of your brick on your roof or laying on the ground around your chimney? spallingHave you noticed that the concrete crown on your chimney is cracked. These are all signs that water or melting snow could be entering your chimney chamber causing further damage to your chimney. If you notice any of these things happening to your chimney, call us today to come out and give you a free estimate on repairing your chimney. Often times if detected early enough your chimney can be repaired with a simple repair and further deterioration can be halted. But, if you wait too long, the level of deterioration can get so severe that your chimney may need to be rebuilt. Justin makes sure that he thoroughly inspects each chimney when he gives a repair estimate and he always tries to help customers find the least expensive option for repairing their chimney but early detection is always best. If you think that your chimney may be in need of some repairs, give our office a call today. Our estimates are always free. Call us at 763-753-9796.

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