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Chimney RepairThere’s nothing better than to be surrounded by friends and loved ones, drinking hot apple cider and warming up to a cozy fire, right in the comfort of your own home. Surprisingly, for so many of us in the Minneapolis, MN area, this becomes a bitter dream in the winter time as one’s chimney has gradually deteriorated to an unworkable state. Don’t let that be you this winter, let us help you get back to your happy place! Since 2001, Dupont Construction and Remodeling has serviced the Minneapolis and St. Paul area for all of their Chimney repair and restoration service needs.

Chimney Repair Services Include:

● Install chimney caps.
● Repairing or replacing damaged chimney crowns.
● Repairing deteriorated mortar joints.
● Repairing or replacing flashing.
● Replacing broken flues.
● Waterproofing chimneys.
● General masonry restoration and rebuilding services.

Importance of Chimney Repair

Chimneys are exposed to some of the most violent temperature changes within one season. Between the constant battle of cold weather and hot gases from the fire, chimneys are prone to deterioration. A chimney that is not quickly repaired can cause fires in the home and create toxic gases that are dangerous to your health. With deterioration, falling bricks can damage your roof and create a potential hazard on your property.

So dont wait, the time is now. Our Chimney experts are here to help you achieve your dream and get your fireplace and chimney back to working order! While we believe that the best form of protection is proper maintenance, we also know that things do happen! Our chimney repair and restoration services have chimney experts ready to help! They can diagnose your issue and have it back in working order in no time! Our restoration services also include masonry restoration and rebuilding services. Let your chimney smoke beautifully this year! Have our builders restore your chimney to its original, timeless glory.

Experienced Chimney Restoration Contractors

Our creative and skilled craftsmen work hard to keep your needs and goals at the top of their list. Whether you are needing a chimney repair or any other part of our home remodeling services, Dupont Construction and Remodeling is the only place you can count on quality and long lasting solutions. If you live in the Minneapolis, MN area, please call 763-753-9796 today!

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