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Chimney Restoration MNSo, you have a beautiful chimney and something doesn’t seem right but you’re unsure of when to get it looked at and repaired. If you live in the Minneapolis, MN area and have a “not right” chimney, don’t worry because we’ll go over the top things to look for in repairing your chimney. We don’t want you to spend money on something that is perfectly fine.

Top Things To Look or in a Chimney:

White Stains:

White stains on the bricks may be easy to clean but the stains keep coming back. Like anything else, you need to find the problem at the root or it will get worse. The white stain on the bricks indicates moisture. The moisture is obviously coming from some place within causing the white stains in the first place. You’ll need to get your entire chimney looked at to resolve the issue.

Mortar Deterioration:

Over time the mortar can deteriorate and fall apart due to weather. Minnesota is known for the true four seasons, with our freezing temperatures and hot, humid summers, your chimney really takes a beating. When you light a fire in the winter the inside of the chimney becomes hot while the outside could be 10 below. This combination will make anything flex. When something flexes, like brick and mortar, it’s inevitable that cracking will happen. Once there are cracks, they will become worse over time and eventually you could be facing a chimney collapse! So, check your mortar!

Excess Debris:

Are you seeing things in your fireplace that you didn’t burn? This could be a good indication that the flue is falling apart and landing down below. Without a proper working flue, your chimney isn’t going to work properly and could initially cause more damage.

Damaged Masonry:

You may have cleaned your gutters recently and noticed something on your roof that resembles clay chips near the base of the chimney. This is caused from all the weather the chimney handles year-round. This can be a huge problem if not repaired soon because it can initially start to be a moisture issue which brings you back to having moisture issues inside like we discussed before.

Wall Damage:

Are the wall near the chimney a different color shade than the rest of the wall? Perhaps you have wallpaper and now it’s pealing back. These are signs of moisture build up in the chimney as well.

Chimney Crown:

Cracked Chimney LinerYou’ll need to safely get on your roof to check this out and when you do, look for cracks on the chimney crown. If there are cracks, it will allow for moisture and the weather to slowly enter your chimney which causes more damage to the mortar and flue.

Now that you have read the top 6 things to look for when considering chimney repair, you may be thinking to yourself that you remember seeing something in the fireplace last night that wasn’t wood. You can never be too safe when it comes to your family and your home so get a chimney inspection today.

Here at Dupont we have experienced masonry experts who work on chimney repairs all the time. We know what to look for and how to repair your chimney back to perfect or better in no time. We work on chimneys that are brick, stone, and even stucco.

Call us today and let us inspect your chimney and keep your family safe at 763.753.9796 or fill out our online contact form.

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