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Chimney RepairDupont Construction and Remodeling offers superior chimney and fireplace restoration and repair services for Maple Grove and the surrounding Minnesota areas. If you’re chimney has looked better, up close or even from a far, it may be time for a professional to inspect for damages and assess needed repairs.

Chimney maintenance is a lot more affordable than the alternative. When you see that your chimney has weathered it’s last storm soundly, it’s time to act quickly. Chimneys fall and when they do it’s extremely noticeable and could even endanger lives. It’s important to deal with your chimney well before there‚Äôs a risk of falling. In fact, there are many little things you can do, throughout the years, to ensure your chimney’s masonry materials don’t deteriorate as quickly.

How to Protect Your Chimney and Home From Damaging Water:

Chimney Cap

Install chimney caps, also known as rain covers, to prevent water from getting into the interior of the chimney and damaging it. Chimney Caps will also prevent animals from entering and nesting, which will only lead further and faster destruction of your chimney. Dupont can assist you choose the chimney cap for your specific needs and install them for you.

Chimney Crown

The top of a masonry chimney is the crown, also called the chimney wash. The crown directs water away from the flue, with a downward slant on all sides. The chimney crown aids in the prevention of erosion of both the brick and mortar but with time and Minnesota’s extreme weather it will need to be replaced.

Chimney Flashing

Another very important part of a chimney is the flashing. Flashing is located between the structures roofing and the chimney. It’s important that the flashing have a waterproof seal that is allowed to expand and contract with weather extremes and still remain intact. If you see water on the ceiling or walls around your chimney, there is a major possibility you need your flashing repaired or replaced.


Tuckpointing is the act of repairing deteriorated mortar joints. If your chimney is missing mortar, the mortar is eroding or cracking it’s time for tuckpointing. When your chimney doesn’t have the proper amount of mortar water will seep through and enter the chimneys interior. It also makes for an unsteady, heavy structure above your home and further deterioration could prove to be tragic.

Dangers of a Faulty Chimney

It’s recommended that chimney’s get (at least) a yearly inspection. Neglecting your chimney could lead to many hazards. The most common danger of a blocked chimney is fire. Carbon Monoxide poisoning, known as the silent killer, is also a real danger of chimney blockage.

Professional Chimney Maintenance Services in Maple Grove MN

Contact Dupont Construction and Remodeling today for a free estimate on any of your chimney repair needs. Our professional can be reached at 763-753-9796 or at, don’t wait until it’s too late.

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