Chimney Repair Financing Available, Minneapolis, MN

Is your chimney in need of repair, but you don’t have the funds available to pay for it? In an effort to try to save yourself some money short term, you may end up with a much larger repair bill down the line.

This past Minnesota Winter has been especially harsh on chimneys with the large amounts of snow (moisture) and extremely cold temperatures that we have experienced.

Chimney problems usually start small with cracked crowns or little cracks in the clay tile flue liner and then maybe you might notice some bricks begin to flake off. But these little problems usually turn into big necessary repairs if they are not corrected early.

Financing 2

In todays economy not everyone has been able to set aside money to get emergency home repairs done when they are needed. That’s why we joined forces with a home improvement lender that will offer our customer financing on their home improvement projects including chimney repairs.

If you think your chimney is in need of repair, don’t delay. Save money in the long run by calling today! Call our office at 763-753-9796!

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