Chimney Repair, brick Minneapolis MN

Have you been noticing pieces of brick falling from the sky? Well it could be your chimney. Often times when a chimney is in need of repair it will start to deteriorate from the inside out. Once the deterioration has reached the outside layer of brick, the bricks will begin to flake, “spall” or pop off the chimney. This is called “chimney spalling”. It’s not pretty, but even more importantly it’s not safe. Once a chimney has reached this level of deterioration the flaking and falling bricks can be a safety hazard to any person or object that is located below or around the surrounding chimney. In addition, this level of deterioration shows that there is a significant decrease in the structural integrity of the chimney and this can lead to your chimney actually falling over and collapsing on your roof or ground, causing significant damage to your property or injury to any nearby people. If you have noticed any flaking of bricks on the ground around your chimney or on your roof, give us a call today. We will send our Owner, Justin Dupont, out to take a through look at your chimney and give you a fast free estimate of what it would cost to get your chimney repaired. Call our office today at 763-753-9796!

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