Chimney Repair And Restoration St Paul MN

Winter Chimney Maintenance

Chimney Repair MNWinter weather conditions in St. Paul, MN can cause significant damage to your chimney. The freeze-thaw cycles put added pressure on the mortar joints, flashing and other masonry components. A nice toasty fire in your fireplace can become a Safety Hazard if the chimney’s integrity has become compromised. Dupont Construction & Remodeling are Licensed Masonry Experts who provide top quality chimney repairs and restoration all year round. We don’t stop working just because its cold outside.

Experienced Chimney Repair And Restoration Services

As experienced chimney repair experts, Dupont Construction & Remodeling is fully licensed and takes all the necessary precautions when working in snowy conditions. We will set up an efficient work area that enables us to continue with needed chimney repairs during inclement weather conditions. Years of experience have taught our Licensed Masonry Expert team how to do the best work in during all four St. Paul, MN seasons.

Masonry Damages During Winter

The structure of your chimney can be compromised when temperatures fluctuate between below freezing conditions followed by a significant thaw. Any longtime St. Paul, MN resident will tell you that freeze-thaw cycles happen quite frequently. When you add in moisture from melting snow and ice, problems can follow.

• Erosion of Mortar Joints
• Deterioration of Masonry Fire Box
• Damage to Flue Tiles
• Gaps and Cracks in Mortar
• Crumbling or Chipped Bricks
• Damage to Flashing
• Chimney Caps Damaged by blizzard conditions
• Snow burdened Tree Branches falling and damaging chimney structure

Licensed Masonry Experts

Dupont Construction & Remodeling provides top quality chimney repairs and restoration all throughout the year. We are highly experienced and Licensed Masonry Experts that work both efficiently and affordably in the St. Paul, MN and surrounding areas. Our work comes with a Warranty that we extend for an Additional 2 years past project completion date.

Call Dupont Construction and Remodeling Today for a chimney inspection at 763-753-9796.

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