Chimney Repair And Restoration Plymouth MN

Does Your Chimney Need To Be Replaced Or Repaired?

The chimney on your Plymouth, MN home is an important and valuable asset to your home. You want to keep your chimney in good working condition for the safety of your family and to protect your investment. If you are noticing damage or deterioration, act quickly for restoration. You want to find a licensed contractor to replace or repair your chimney and restore it to its prime.

Warning Signs For Fireplace Restoration:

  • Before Chimney RepairChimney is leaning toward or away from your house
  • Cracked masonry
  • Fire in chimney
  • Damaged mortar joints
  • Rusty fire box or damper
  • Damage to wallpaper near chimney
  • Cracks in crown
  • Peeling or flaking bricks
  • Cracked tiles in flue

Causes Of Damage To Plymouth, MN Chimneys

There are a number of causes for the damage or deterioration of your chimney. A major cause is the extreme weather conditions in Minnesota. Your Plymouth, MN home is subject to wind, snow, ice, rain and bitter cold. The heated gases from the fire meet cold and wet conditions outside – causing a battle of expansion and contraction. Repetition of expansion and contraction creates movement and causes deterioration. Snow cover and ice build-up can be a recipe for disaster while you are enjoying the warmth and comfort of a fire in your home.

A missing chimney cover allows moisture, leaves and even animals to enter your chimney. Another cause of concern is when flashing around chimney is cracked or torn. This allows wetness to penetrate and cause damage and deterioration to the chimney in your Plymouth, MN home.

Why Care About Repairing Damaged Chimney?

When your chimney has sustained damage, call a quality home repair company before it becomes a health hazard for your family. Your home’s chimney must be repaired properly by a licensed contractor, proven to have quality workmanship. It takes an experienced contractor to detect where the problem originated and best methods for restoration. The stakes are too high for both health and safety reasons and to maintain the structure of your home.

Possible Dangers Of A Damaged Chimney

  • An unrepaired chimney can release dangerous, toxic gases into your home.
  • Flames and sparks can escape and cause a fire.
  • Loose bricks and masonry can fall and cause injury or property damage.
  • Risk of a chimney fire when there is damage to the flue.
  • Bad smell from water and creosote mixture can permeate your home.
  • Stains and damage to walls surrounding your chimney.
  • Decreased efficiency when are does not flow properly through chimney.

Who To Call When You Suspect Chimney Damage?

After Chimney RepairA home repair company should be your first call. Dupont Construction has years of experience and a record of quality workmanship to earn your trust. We are licensed contractors and members of the BBB with an A+ Rating. Dupont Construction is a family owned, home repair company that believes in giving every restoration job a personal touch. The owner – Justin Dupont is on-site at every job, with our own crew.

We are conveniently located in the local area. Call us to set up a Free Estimate on your Plymouth, MN chimney restoration. To bring your chimney back to its prime, Call us today at 763-753-9796!


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