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It’s A Great Time To Have A Cozy Fireplace

FirePlace Services MNNow that the weather has turned colder it is a great time to have a Fireplace. They add so much value, comfort, beauty and charm to a home. Driving down the streets of Minnetonka, MN and seeing smoke coming out of a chimney is a welcoming feeling. A well-built and properly maintained chimney adds lasting beauty and performance as well as Additional Value for your home. Don’t neglect this valuable asset. If the chimney on your fireplace is showing wear or has been damaged it is time to call the Chimney Repair and Restoration Experts at Dupont Construction.

There is nothing like curling up in front of the cozy warmth of a fireplace on a chilly Minnesota evening. Whether you have a gas fireplace or wood burning, it is important to keep the chimney maintained and in safe working order. A deteriorated chimney is a safety hazard and an eyesore on your beautiful home.

Safety Hazards Of Poorly Maintained Fireplace

Your fireplace chimney is a structure that is usually made of brick or stone. It serves the purpose of venting carbon monoxide and other hazardous gasses from your home. It is crucial that this important structure be working properly.

Possible safety hazards of a damaged fireplace chimney include:

  • Carbon Monoxide seeping into your home through cracks in the masonry or due to masonry debris falling inside and causing a blockage
  • Fire Hazard from Heat or Flames escaping through cracks or deteriorated mortar joints
  • Falling Bricks, Stones or Masonry Debris coming from a cracked or damaged chimney
  • Water or Snow entering the home due to a missing chimney cap, gaps in the mortar joints or damaged flashing

Skillfully Restoring Minnesota Chimneys

Dupont Construction & Remodeling really knows their stuff when it comes to Chimney Repair, Restoration and Replacement. We can take a dilapidated looking chimney and make it into a solid structure with lasting beauty and performance for many years. A skillfully restored chimney will bring additional value and curb appeal to your Minnetonka, MN home. Call the chimney repair and restoration experts at Dupont Construction and Remodeling.

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