Chimney Maintenance Brooklyn Park MN

Are You Ready for Chimney Maintenance Brooklyn Park MN?

Chimney Repair MNThe changing of the seasons is upon us—is your fireplace ready for lots of use? If you live in Brooklyn Park, MN or the surrounding areas, you know how cold temps can get! Now is the time to think about expert masonry services, including chimney repair and chimney mortar restoration. When it comes to chimney safety, there is absolutely no substitute for bringing in a professional like Dupont Construction & Remodeling to look at all the wood-burning fireplaces in your home. You can help too though. Here’s what you should do:

Examine the Chimney for Creosote

Inspect your chimney with a good flashlight. Of course, you should expect to see black soot, but if you happen to notice black and fuzzy or black and shiny material, that’s creosote. This is a flammable substance that needs to be professionally removed before you use the chimney. Dupont Construction and Remodeling can take care of this dirty job for you, as well as any chimney mortar restoration work you might need to have completed.

Stock Up On the Right Type of Wood

Some folks prefer burning soft wood like pine over hardwood like maple but the experts say that seasoned hardwoods burn brighter and cleaner. Burning wood that has been recently cut should also be avoided. Newly cut wood will smoke because of the moisture inside of it. Burning soft and wet wood invites creosote to form in the chimney.

Look for Unwanted Wildlife

Dupont Chimney Experts see this all the time. A family of birds, squirrels or raccoons makes your chimney home. Even if the animal vacates the premises, it can leave a nest behind that blocks the smoke flow. Worse still, a nest can catch ablaze and put you at risk for fire. Chimney caps offer some protection but you will need an on-the-ground inspection of the chimney. Also, if you see damage, the chimney restoration and chimney repair team can help repair it so you can use your chimney safely again.

Professional Chimney Repair and Restoration Minnesota

For more information on our services, fill out our online contact form and request a free estimate. You can also call our Brooklyn Park chimney restoration and repair experts at (763) 753-9796.

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