Chimney Liner Repair, Minneapolis MN

Chimney Liners are all about safety. During a chimney sweep or chimney inspection your chimney technician may advise you that a chimney liner is needed before using the fireplace any further. Necessary and unexpected home improvement investments are never the kind of news that homeowners want to hear, but not having a proper chimney liner can result in a future house fire.

There are several situations that can indicate that a chimney liner is needed and ignoring them can be very risky.

Seasonal hazard

If your Liner is damaged, the clay tile chimney flue liners which were originally built into the chimney can become damaged. When a house settles, cracks in the liner can occur. Excessively hot chimney fires can also cause cracks in the liner to form. Once the liner is cracked, the home is vulnerable to a house fire.

No chimney Liner Present, Chimney liners were not always required by code and if you live in an older home, it is quite possible that your chimney may not even have a liner installed. Exhaust from your fireplace tends to leak into the house through the mortar joints if there is no liner present to contain it. A variety of health problems can result from leaks because of fine particle matter, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and irritant gases which can scar the lungs.

Creosote in liquid form can also permeate the joints if there is no liner present, this can cause your entire chimney to go up in flames.

Address any doubts taht you have about the condition of your liner, keeping in mind that any existing cracks are reason enough to require a new one. If you have seen crumbled clay in your fireplace, you have seen the evidence of a damaged liner.

Call our office today to schedule an estimate that will include a complete inspection of your chimney and your chimney liner. Once your liner has been inspected and is found to be in good condition, you can heat your home safely, and you and your family can enjoy your wood stove or fireplace with peace of mind.

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