Chimney Crown Repair, Cracked Crown Minneapolis MN

We get lots of calls from Customers in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area and surrounding suburbs, that have cracked chimney crowns that are in need of repair. Lots of local chimney repair companies used to install cement chimney crowns on the tops of chimneys to seal off the opening and keep water from getting in. It was an inexpensive way to cap off a chimney since cement costs very little, however, over the years we began to notice that with the harsh Minnesota Winters, the cement crowns would begin to get hairline cracks (like what you see in sidewalks or driveways) and with the huge temperature change that occurs when a fireplace is being operated in conjunction with the large amounts of water that is in contact with the tops of the chimneys from snow melting etc. , this tends to contribute to water forcing itself into these little cracks making them much bigger which begins a very rapid deterioration process that can travel all the way down the chimney causing cracked clay tile flues on the inside as well as spalling or flaking bricks on the outside. After coming across lots of these cement crowns, our owner Justin, decided to start looking for a more reliable material and process to use when replacing cracked concrete crowns. That’s when he came across Rock face stone and decided to start turning this very dense strong beautiful stone into a very strong and beautiful chimney crown.  Even though the hard rock faced stone that we use is many times more expensive than the cement that many of the other companies use, we feel the high quality protection and performance offered by the stone crown far surpasses that of the concrete crowns. We also think that the look of our stone crowns give each chimney a more distinguished custom look, improving not only the function, but also the appearance of the chimney. And we hear over and over again from our customers that they agree! Take a look at the before and after pictures in this post and let us know which crown you think is more pleasing to the eye. We are so confident in our stone crowns that we give them a lifetime warranty against cracking. If you notice that your chimney has an old concrete crown, call us today. We will come out and inspect it for you for free to see if there are any visible cracks in your crown. If you find the cracks and make the repairs to your crown early enough you will save yourself hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars in costly repairs down the road. Call us today at 763-753-9796, for your free inspection.

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