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Is a chimney cap really necessary on my chimney?

This is a common question with a very simple answer, YES! Every chimney should have a chimney cap. An uncapped chimney is a huge hole in your home! this opening must be closed off with a chimney cap and damper to prevent endless problems from occurring in your chimney.


Every home is better protected with a chimney cap. There are many benefits that a chimney cap can provide. Not only do they keep out leaves, moisture and animals from your chimney, but they also keep burning embers in your flue chamber where they belong instead of on top of your roof where they can easily cause  a house fire.


One of the most obvious benefits to installing a chimney cap is keeping animals and debris out of your chimney. Animals, leaves, and twigs can fall into your chimney and begin to accumulate. This will eventually lead to blockages and other problems. During the months when your chimney is not in use animals can use the enclosed walls of the chimney as a nice spot to build a nest. Often during inspections we find squirrel, raccoon and bird nests that have been built in uncovered chimneys. It does not take long for these little nests to become BIG problems.

Water or any type of moisture is the main enemy of a chimney without a cap. Rain, snow, and ice all fall directly down the chimney flue and the freezing and thawing of the moisture throughout the winter can cause damage to the interior of the chimney walls. This can allow cracks to form in the lining of the chimney which eventually will move into the masonry and weaken the entire structure. The chimney crown also receives more direct wear and tear with no chimney cap to deflect the elements.


You really have to consider a chimney cap as a little piece of metal that is protecting your home from unwelcome animals, debris and moisture as well as allowing gases to escape. These gases can be very harmful if the route to the outside is blocked and they get backed up into your home. For this reason, it is best to call a professional chimney repair company so that they can determine the best size and type of cap to use on your chimney.

A chimney cap is a minor installation that can prevent many major problems – don’t wait for it to become a necessity or cause more damage to the other parts of your chimney system.

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