Facelift in Chanhassen nestled in-between Silver Lake and the Edenbrook Conservation area.

IMG_4208IMG_4216For anyone who has a deck you may be in need of a facelift this summer. Every deck at some point needs maintenance and why not do a facelift? After building your deck there are always those “I wish we would have done this or that.” Well, now is your time to adjust and get the deck you know will fit and accommodate your family’s needs.

We just finished this deck facelift in Chanhassen Minnesota. We went from a cedar decking material to Azek maintenance free decking. We added the cocktail rail in a slate grey color along with a cedar railing system and maintenance free black aluminum balusters. The cocktail rail, if you don’t already have it is a new must have when building or updating your deck. The Cocktail rail is a wide edge-railing top that allows you to be able to set your drinks where ever along the edge of the deck. This is very convenient when entertaining friends and family. The maintenance free black aluminum balusters give the deck great contrast with the decking material and help it stand off of the home. We also did a beautiful patio at the landing of the stairs, giving this a nice area to go up or down the deck. This not only compliments the deck but gives another are to entertain your guests.IMG_20170613_143029757

IMG_20170427_183458759Why Choose Us

Don’t wait give us a call today and let us help you design your beautiful deck. Dupont Construction and Remodeling is here to help customize the perfect deck for your family with all the accessories that you will need.

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