Cedar Screen Porches and Decks in Minnesota

Our Minnesota Customers love their porches. A porch is the perfect addition to a Minnesota home. In the warmer summer months the shade from the porch as well as the interior ceiling fan provide just enough of a cooling so you can sit outside and enjoy your surroundings without being overtaken by squelching heat. On Summer nights you can sit outside and enjoy a meal in the evening breeze without having to endure the attacks of bugs and mosquitoes. On a warm Summer night, Pop up a tent in the middle of your porch and enjoy a camping experience with your kids without having to leave the comforts of home or running water behind. In the Winter you can install removable window panels to provide some insulation and block the wind and by using a portable heater you are able to make your porch a cozy little hide away spot. Install a Fireplace in your porch and it’s just like a cozy cabin experience in your own backyard. Send the Boys to the Porch for their weekly poker game and give yourself some peace and quite in the house. There are so many creative ways to use the extra space that building a porch on the back of your home gives you. Over the years we have built numerous screen porches, 3 season porches and 4 season porches for homeowners all over the Minneapolis, St. Paul area and surrounding suburbs like Plymouth, Elk River, Fridley, Blaine, and Brooklyn Park just to name a few. We have never once had a customer tell us that they wish they had spent the money on something else. Everyone has always been so pleased with their decision to build this own private little haven onto their homes were they can enjoy some peace and the beauty of nature all from the comforts of their homes. If you are considering building a porch onto your home, give us a call today to talk about options and see what type of porch is best for you and your home. It’s always a free estimate. Call Dupont Construction at 763-753-9796 today!

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