Cedar Screen Porch & Deck Maple Grove MN

Maple Grove MN Cedar Screen Porch & Deck

It’s that time of year once again. The days are getting shorter and the nights becoming longer. The temperature has dropped, the leaves are changing colors and people are digging out their hoodies and turtlenecks again. We begin to pack away our grills and cover up our pools… all to make sure we’re ready to take on another bone-chilling Minnesota winter!

But, you may very well be able to squeeze a few more weeks (or even months) enjoying your new deck or a great three season or four season screened-in porch… Minnesota style!

Now some folks might argue that building an outdoor living space… such as a deck or porch in the coldest months of the year doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But indeed we are a hardy bunch. Just ask any Minnesotan, and you will most likely find that our long winters don’t discourage most people from using their decks.  It just makes them all the more popular when spring and summer finally does roll around. Add to that the tough and resilient mindset of people who call Minnesota home and you’ll find that Twin City deck owners make use of their decks in weather that would have most folks running for the hills.

Cedar Deck & Cedar Screen Porch

We recently completed a screen porch project for a homeowner in Maple Grove Minnesota. It is a cedar screen porch with a cedar deck added on to it, blending the elements of both house and landscape, making the whole back side of the house usable space!

Cedar Porch & Cedar Deck Maple Grove MN

Cedar Porch & Cedar Deck Maple Grove MN

Maple Grove MN Cedar Porch & Cedar Deck

Cedar Porch & Cedar Deck Maple Grove MN

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