Cedar Pergola, Ramsey MN

We just finished a beautiful cedar pergola project in the city of Ramsey. This homeowner wanted an area in their yard where they could relax in the shade. A pergola is the perfect structure to add beauty and architecture to your yard while providing you with just enough shade to relax and enjoy your surroundings. This pergola was built with all cedar materials and has cedar box wraps at the bottom of the posts for extra detail and dimension. Are you looking for some shade from the hot summer sun? Call or email us today and get a free estimate on your back yard project. Call 763-753-9796.

One thought on “Cedar Pergola, Ramsey MN

  1. I have some general Questions on Pergola’s like the one pictured above that you guys did for the family in Ramsey as I work for a homeowners association and am researching the costs of doing something like this. I have a few questions for building either 9×16 or 9×17 Pergola.
    1-Would footings be required, or otherwise would it need to be attached to patio?
    2-What would be the suggested material?
    3-What colors does it come in?
    4-What maintenance would be required?
    5-What is the length of life expectancy they will last if maintained?

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