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Brand new 16′ x 16′ Trex select deck in New Hope! This one is a beauty!

There are so many options out there for composite or maintenance free decking.

This new deck that we built in New Hope is made with Trex select decking in Winchester Grey. The deck also has the hidden cortex fastening system where you don’t see the screws, it’s such a clean look!

To add dimension to this deck the fascia and stair risers are white. It really makes this deck pop!

The railing is white Fypon quick rail with white square balusters and white solar posts caps and stair posts. These post caps are very sharp looking and provide lighting for years to come!


If you are looking to have a deck face lift or build a deck this summer look no further then Dupont Construction and Remodeling. We specialize in everything decking. Whether that be a new porch, a wrap around deck, patio, fireplace or a deck face lift we know how to make your outdoor living space perfect to accommodate your family. Give us a call today and lets talk your dream outdoor living space. 763-753-9796 or 651-674-5699

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New Composite Deck Construction and pricing, Pros and Cons, Minnesota

Composite decks, also known as “low maintenance decks” are the kind of deck that everyone would love to have. They can give you peace and relaxation in your very own backyard and you can enjoy them for years. They also require very little time and energy to keep them looking great. Last Summer we built this composite deck in Ham Lake, MN. Justins camera 11-13-12 170This deck was built using Trex composite decking in Sandy Rope color, which is a new color that was just released last Summer, and a maintenance free aluminum railing system called Bayer Bilt railing. The combination of the Trex Decking with the aluminum Bayer railing system gives the deck a clean modern look. Justins camera 11-13-12 168Many times homeowners are surprised and can even get “sticker shock” when they see the price of a composite deck, however when you consider that many composite decks will last twice as long as a traditional wood deck, and do not cost any where near twice as much as a wood deck to build, you begin to realize that like most large home purchases, by paying a little bit more up front, you are going to save big in the long run. But sometimes this does not always ease our grips on our pocket books so let me give you a story from my personal experience. I was in the market for a new deck about 7 years ago. The back of my house had looked like a bare canvas for way too long. Since my husband is in the deck building industry I figured we could get a great looking deck at an even greater price. So we sent our lumber list out to a few different lumber suppliers for both treated lumber and composite materials. When they sent back their estimates for what it was going to cost for me to build my deck I was shocked. The Lumber price for Treated lumber was about $11,000 and for composite materials it was about $17,000 (this is just for the lumber! I was getting FREE labor!). Now I know that my deck is a large deck with lots of custom features, but I was really set on only spending the $11,000 for the treated materials and maybe using the extra $6,000 I saved by not buying composite to splurge and buy some really cool deck furniture or a cool outdoor dining set, but my husband was not on board. He said that if he was going to take the time to build this large deck, he was going to do it right, and that meant using the best materials available, composite decking. He said that the time and energy he was going to be putting into the deck did not make any sense if he was just going to have to replace all of the decking and railing in a few years. Well of course I argued because being the “thrifty” shopper that I am, I just did not want to buy decking with such a high sticker price. Needless to say, my husband won. He was the one building the deck so he picked out the materials he was going to work with, even though I pouted all the way to the bank, quite literally. Well he built my deck, 7 years ago, on the back of my house that is very high traffic and faces directly at the sun for the majority of the day (I never considered these things when we were picking out our decking, but come to find out they are VERY important) and guess what? Years later, it still looks great and I have had to do nothing to maintain it. Every Spring I just take out the hose and a scrub brush, and give it a good washing and it’s ready for another Summer of fun. Picture 027Even though I was not happy when I was writing the check, I am so happy now that we built our deck using composite decking. Every year when our families and neighbors are out power washing, sanding and then staining and sealing their decks (which can take about 1-2 weekends), I am just sitting on my deck in the sunshine enjoying a nice ice cold glass of lemonade and thanking my husband for building me a beautiful composite deck. If you would like to have a beautiful deck built onto your home, give us a call today. We offer free estimates! Call our office at 763-753-9796!

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Four Season Porch and Deck, Brooklyn Park, MN

We just finished another beautiful, unique four season porch and deck project in Brooklyn Park, MN. We built this large and spacious porch onto the back of the home, and finished the inside of it with knotty pine cedar on the walls and ceiling, you may also notice the unique custom ceiling design with the exposed beams, this is a beautiful feature that we love incorporating in our custom porch project, this really brings a special type of architectural appeal to the porch. Directly off to the side of the porch we built a nice Trex deck using Trex Accents decking and railing in Woodland Brown with black circular spindles. This combination of porch and deck gives the homeowners ample room and the perfect combination needed for entertaining at their home. The smooth transition from the house to the porch and then out to the deck is perfect for gatherings and makes any setting comfortable and relaxing. Do you have a back yard that you would love to turn into a private getaway? Call us today to get a free estimate on your porch or deck project. Also ask about our new Zero interest financing options! Call Dupont Construction and Remodeling Today at 763-753-9796!

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New deck construction, Trex Composite deck, Otsego Minnesota

We just finished another great Trex deck in Otsego, MN. This deck was built using Trex decking in Woodland Brown and Trex railing in Maderia with Black circular balusters and pyramid post caps. The rich colors of the decking and the railing really give the deck a unique custom look, and of course Trex is a great composite material because it requires very little maintenance. Also Trex is one of the few composite railing systems that allows you to incorporate circular or architectural balusters to give a unique look. We work with many different composite decking materials but over the last 10+ years of being a custom deck builder in the Minneapolis and surrounding Twin Cities suburbs, there are only 2 products that we really enjoy working with and have complete confidence in and those are Trex and Azek. Both products are incredibly easy to maintain and are long lasting quality materials. You should be very confident in using either of these products for your deck project. Do you have a back yard that you want to turn into an outdoor escape? Give us a call today and we will come out and give you a free estimate. Call our office at 763-753-9796, or email us for your free estimate today!

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Trex and Azek Deck, Low Maintenance, Brooklyn Park, MN

Here are some pictures of a deck we just finished in Brooklyn Park, MN. We like to build unique looking decks so a lot of times we will mix and match materials, we might use one brand of composite decking for the deck, usually Azek because of it’s awesome durability and the fact that it’s scratch and stain resistant And then we will match it with a different brand for the railing, this gives the deck a unique appearance that you cant get by ordering a decking and railing system from the same vendor. This deck was built using Azek Composite decking in Acacia color and then the railing was built with Trex in Winchester grey. The balusters used were Deckorator Baroque Balusters in Bronze color and then the deck railing was topped off with an Azek decking board to tie everything together and create a wider deeper railing surface that is perfect for setting drinks on while enjoying your deck. Do you need a new deck or does your existing deck need a new look? Give us a call today for a Free estimate on your deck project. Call us at 763-753-9796.

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Four Season Porch and Deck, Brooklyn Park MN

We love building spaces onto customers homes that look like they were always there. We recently completed a four season porch and deck project for a homeowner in Brooklyn Park. We were able to build the porch onto the home and match the homes existing structure and architecture so that the new porch addition flowed with the existing home making a seamless addition onto the home. We added a custom gable over the sliding glass door to match the gables on the rest of the home and give the porch a unique custom look. The home had previously had a bay window that we removed where the porch addition was going to be added, but we kept the wood floor in place and made a unique transition from the wood floor in the kitchen to the new four season porch. We also built a new maintenance free deck onto the side of the new porch addition.The homeowner was happy with their new space. If you want to add space onto your home give Dupont Construction and Remodeling a call today for a free porch or addition estimate. Call us at 763-753-9796 today.

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Maintenance Free Decks, Maple Grove, MN

We just finished a beautiful maintenance free deck in Maple Grove MN. We were contacted by the homeowner last year after their original deck was damaged by a trampoline hitting it during a storm, they decided that instead of repairing the existing deck, they wanted a new deck with a new look. Their new deck features Azek decking in Acacia color with a Trex railing system in Woodland brown. We like to mix and match colors on decks with railing and decking because it gives the deck a unique look. They also choose to do decorator balusters with decorative baskets integrated into the railing system. We also installed solar post caps to give them just the perfect amount of light each night to illuminate their deck. The finished project is a beautiful maintenance free deck that they can enjoy for years to come. If you would like to get a free estimate on your deck project, give us a call today at 763-753-9796.

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Front Porch Renovation, Ramsey MN

Last Spring we were called by a homeowner to do a front porch renovation and restoration project in Ramsey, MN. The homeowners existing porch was beginning to show significant signs of wear and tear. The stair treads were made with concrete and they were sinking in some locations and rising in others making the steps uneven and making it unsafe and difficult to walk up and down the stairs to the house. They wanted a front porch that would stand out from the front of the house, but they also wanted something that looked like it belonged with the style and design of their existing home. We decided to do a two tone decking design using Trex Transcends decking in Spiced Rum and Lava Rock, these two colors compliment each other wonderfully. We also installed White Trex railing with solar post caps and then finished off the look with two stone pillars at the top of the porch. The new porch not only looks great, but what is most important is that it’s safe. If you have a porch or deck that has begun to deteriorate give us a call today for a free inspection and estimate. Call our office at 763-753-9796!

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New Deck Construction, Maple Grove MN

We built this beautiful deck In Maple Grove, MN last summer. We love building unique decks. Decks that don’t look like the average deck. Decks that stand out and get noticed. Our customers love those kinds of decks too! Our Customer wanted a deck that would stand out in their neighborhood. They also wanted a deck that would be easy to maintain. We were able to build a beautiful low maintenance deck using Azek decking, Trex railing and Deckorator spindles along with Deckorator faux stone post covers. This was a unique blend of colors that all complimented each other and made the deck look unique and classy. Since all of these products are made with maintenance free materials this deck will require very little upkeep and will look beautiful for many years to come. All that is needed for maintenance on these types of deck is a good hose, a mild detergent and little elbow grease. These low maintenance decks really just need to be washed and rinsed once or twice a year to maintain their beauty. If you are in the market for a new deck this year or maybe your old deck needs a new look. Give us a call, because of our beautiful early spring weather, we are already building awesome decks. Call our office today for your free estimate. Call 763-753-9796!

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New Deck Construction, Ramsey Minnesota

Are you in the Market for a new deck? Then you have found the right company. Dupont Construction and Remodeling Specializes in custom affordable decks in the twin cities metro and surrounding suburbs, from St. Francis to St. Paul, MN. We build all types of decks, Cedar, Treated lumber and work with the Top selling composite lumber companies such as Azek, Trex and many more. Our decks are built strong and our deck frames come with an extended warranty that no one else in the business offers. We are gearing up for 2012 to be our best deck building year ever, so give us a call today to schedule your free deck estimate. Mention this blog and receive a $200 discount on your deck. Call us today 763-753-9796!

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