Brooklyn Park Screen Porch Construction

Brooklyn Park Porch BuildersHave you considered capitalizing on an existing deck by adding a Screen Porch below? This is just what a Brooklyn Park, MN family did recently to add more Valuable Outdoor Space to their home and enjoy the changing Minnesota seasons. Dupont Construction & Remodeling provides excellent options for transforming the unused space underneath of your deck into a great new Outdoor Room and Living Addition. We can add Functional features like Waterproofing and Energy Efficient Removable Storm Windows that extend the use year round.

Add Valuable Custom Outdoor Room

The innovative craftsmen at Dupont Construction & Remodeling designed a Screen Porch that works seamlessly with an attached deck on a Brooklyn Park home. We created a space that keeps water out and has the added Functionality and Energy Efficiency of Removable Storm Windows. This family now has a wonderful indoor and outdoor space that they will enjoy for many years thanks to durable construction and a thoughtful design.

Screen Porch | 3 Season | 4 Season Room Additions

Porch Builders Brooklyn ParkIts no secret that Minnesota residents enjoy getting outside whenever possible. How else do you explain the number of golf courses in a state with up to six months of winter? A Screen Porch, 3 Season or 4 Season Porch Addition allows residents to be a part of nature and remain protected from mosquitos and harsh elements. Building the porch underneath of an existing deck is a wonderful option for utilizing space that you already have.

Ask Dupont Construction & Remodeling for innovative ways to increase the value, functionality and energy efficiency with a wonderful new outdoor space.

Indoor and Outdoor Functional Living Space

Porch Construction MNContact Dupont Construction & Remodeling if you have ever considered how great it would be to add Functional Living Space to your home. We have innovative options to increase the value and functionality of otherwise unused space on your property. A Screened in Porch, Three Season or Four Season room addition is a great way to maximize the space beneath an existing deck. By adding Energy Efficient Removable Storm Windows you can enjoy your new indoor / outdoor space all year round.

Dupont Construction & Remodeling provides an extended warranty on your new Custom Deck or Porch with an additional 2 years past the project completion date. We also put a Lifetime Warranty on all the Deck Frames that we build.

Call us today at 763-753-9796 for a Free Estimate on your Brooklyn Park MN, outdoor living area with a new Custom Screen Porch.

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