Brick, Stone and Stucco Installation Minneapolis MN

Brick Installation MNDid you know masonry work can be completed in temperatures anywhere above 40 degrees Fahrenheit? It is possible to work below that temperature but special procedures need to take place. Luckily, Minneapolis, MN hasn’t quite hit that low yet but it’s soon to come. Do you have chipping bricks, loosening stones or are you interested in adding brick, stone or a stucco feature to your home? Dupont Construction and Remodeling can get the job done before winter settles in. We have over a decade of experience and are licensed, insured and bonded.

We offer quality brick, stone and stucco installation services. Add a creative touch to your home to add a uniqueness to your home. We have completed many masonry services throughout the Minneapolis, MN area.

Installation and Masonry Services we Provide:

  • Retaining Wall Repair
  • New Brick, Stucco and Stone Construction
  • In-Home Fireplace Construction and Repair
  • Outdoor Fireplace Construction and Repair
  • Veneer Installation
  • Tuckpointing

Professional Services and Results

We take pride in our work, our company’s name, we are family owned and operated after all. With the head owner, Justin Dupont on the sight of every job and are not finished with a job until our clients are 100% satisfied. We have an extended warranty of 2 years on all of our construction and remodeling services. We are a dependable company with a passion for building dreams into reality.

Skilled Contractor Minneapolis MN

Contact our team today and set up a free estimate. There are many ways to reach us, choose what is most convenient to you. Fill out our Online Form, call us at 763-753-9796 or email today!

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