Before and After Deck in Apple Valley, MN. Is it time for a new deck?

A few signs you’re in need of a new deck.


Unsteady, wobbly, or otherwise unstable railings are a safety hazard and a sure sign that a new deck is in order. Simply bracing wobbly railings or hammering in new nails is not a good solution.

Railings can lose their sturdiness from heavy leaning, (they are, after all, a solid boundary people like to stand near) or from extensive rotting or damage to the deck itself.

Test the strength of your railings by wobbling them a bit or safely leaning against them. Healthy decks will have railings that feel as strong as steel. Any wobbliness means it’s time to contact a decking company right away.

To make sure no one leans against an unsteady railing. Put up caution tape or orange cones. This is especially important if the deck is not at ground level.

Before and After, what a difference a new deck can make! 


If you walk across your deck and you can visibly see the boards bowing or rotting or if you walk across your deck and the boards sag, it’s definitely time to consider a new deck. Pay attention to where the sagging is occurring, sagging could be the result of water damage to joists or to the floorboards themselves, please use caution. Also, inspect the ends of the boards that piece together your deck floor. If they show signs of rotting or softening, especially if the material is wood, it’s time for a new deck.


If you’ve purchased your house from previous owners, you may not be sure of your deck’s age. A new deck is definitely in order if your deck is too old or past building code regulations. Research building regulations in your area so that you can make sure your deck doesn’t violate codes. Check your deck’s age against these regulations. If your deck is too old


The posts that support your deck are essential to its strength and long life. Posts hold up joists which hold up the decking itself.

It’s important for your posts to be connected securely to joists and flooring. Inspect the stability of your posts by giving them a good shake. Any wobbling means an immediate safety hazard–call a decking company right away.

Also, pay attention to how your posts are secured to the joists. These should be secured with heavy-duty bolts or other metal work. If they’re held together by standard nails, this isn’t secure enough of a connection. It’s time for a new deck!



If your joists are made of wood, it’s especially important to inspect them for damage, rotting, or sagging. Don’t just take a glimpse of them while you’re walking around your house–actually touch them and get under the deck if possible.

Joists are what keep your deck together and hold it up. It’s important to inspect your joists regularly because they can be a direct cause for collapsed decks or porches.

Warning signs that it’s time to get a new deck include rotting wood and material that’s soft to the touch. Joists can become unstable as a result of water damage or even termite infestations.

Contact a decking company right away if your joists so signs of extensive damage, and make sure to not use your deck until it is replaced.


Another view of the before and after!


Deck safety means your safety, and it’s important to recognize the signs that it’s time to replace your deck. Homeowners should check in on their deck stability on a regular basis to ensure that all household members stay safe.

Signs that you are in need of a new deck include damaged or rotting joists and deck floorboards, which could result from water damage or pest infestations. Pay close attention to the way posts are secured to the deck itself, and check in on the age of your deck to make sure it fits building regulations.

It’s also imperative to inspect ledger board quality and your railing’s stability.


If you are considering building a deck this summer give us a call today and we can discuss your custom desires in your future deck. Don’t forget we also do custom deck facelifts; whether you need to do a complete tear down or just change it up a bit we are the company to call. A deck is a great addition to any home that give additional living space for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Plus there are many benefits including an increase in the value of your home. So give us a call today to talk about your deck. 763-753-9796

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