Apartment Restoration in St Paul/MPLS

Apartment Deck Replacement MnDupont Construction & Remodeling approaches every project with integrity and a passion for quality in workmanship and materials. Both residential and commercial jobs treated with strict attention to detail. Due to the extreme weather conditions in the St Paul and Minneapolis area, we see damage to brickwork on a regular basis. Twin Cities Apartment Complexes are often subject to very cold temperatures followed by warm sunny weather. The Freezing, Thawing and Re-freezing is known as the Freeze Thaw Cycle and it is very hard on bricks and mortar. As an Experienced Twin Cities Masonry Contractor, Dupont Construction is equipped to handle Brick Apartment Restoration Projects.

Apartment Masonry Restoration

Large Multi Unit apartment complexes will show significant wear over time when exposed to the Mpls/St Paul climate. Areas such as decks, chimneys and exterior brickwork should have ongoing maintenance to prevent damage. Masonry that has already been damaged by weather or exposure to the elements can be repaired by the Tuck-pointing Experts at Dupont Construction and Remodeling.

Restoring Twin Cities Apartment Complexes

Restoring Twin Cities Apartment Complexes can be a difficult job. Having to work around residents of occupied apartments requires patients and a reputable contractor that is very trustworthy. Being a smaller sized, local St Paul/Mpls. Business, we are able to react quickly to residential and commercial requests for service. We offer very competitive prices and an unmatched dedication to customer service and Quality Workmanship.

Replacing Brick Decks on Apartments

Just like all other Exterior Brickwork, apartment decks exhibit wear and tear over time. Replacing one elevated brick deck can be tricky for someone with little experience. The replacement of multiple elevated brick decks requires an Experienced Masonry Contractor like Dupont Construction & Remodeling.

Dupont Construction & Remodeling is an experienced deck building and masonry contractor. Our skillset provides us with the ability to Replace Decking Materials, Replace Deck Railing and Restore Brickwork on decks, chimneys and walls. Anything from minor cosmetic repairs to reconstructing an entire brick chimney are within our areas of expertise.

Brick Tuck Pointing and Restoration

Tuck Pointing is specialized skill. The process involves beautifying and repairing mortar joints between bricks. Over time and with exposure to the elements, brick walls and chimney can have cracks, chips, flaking or crumbling that needs to be restored by a Masonry Restoration Expert. The craftsmen at Dupont Construction & Remodeling are trained masons with almost a decade of experience with Brick Tuck Pointing and Restoration.

Experienced Twin Cities Masonry Contractor

Dupont Construction & Remodeling is proud of the reputation that we have built over the years. We are an Experienced Twin Cities Masonry Contractor as well as a licensed builder. Doing Apartment Masonry Restoration work takes skill, dedication and honesty. Our crew can step in and almost magically erase the effects of time on brickwork chimneys, decks and exterior walls.

Dupont Construction & Remodeling is your #1 Choice for St Paul & Mpls. Apartment Restoration Services. Call for a Free Estimate at 763-753-9697.

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