Apartment Brick Restoration Minnetonka

Minneapolis Apartment Deck ReplacementKeeping brick apartment complexes well maintained can be a big chore and one that requires the expertise of craftsmen skilled in Masonry Restoration. The ravages of time and Minnetonka MN climate conditions can result in damage to the building’s brick exterior. Dupont Construction & Remodeling provides Exterior Apartment Restoration and Tuck-pointing Services for multi-unit housing in Minnetonka. We are Masonry Contractors that take pride in providing excellent service and workmanship at very competitive prices.

Exterior Apartment Restoration

Brick Multi Unit Housing complexes in Minnesota are exposed to ordinary wear and tear from the tenants as well as harsh weather conditions. Over time, the brick exterior begins to deteriorate and look shabby. Excessive damage can result in a safety hazard from crumbling or falling bricks. An experienced Masonry Contractor can provide services to repair and restore the exterior to looking its very best.

Masonry Restoration Process

Each structure has its own unique set of problems to overcome. Brick apartment buildings may need anything from a good, professional cleaning to extensive masonry restoration. The Masonry Restoration Process may involve one or more of the following services:

  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Tuck-pointing
  • Stone Repair
  • Sealant Replacement
  • Caulking
  • Brick Replacement
  • Sheet Metal Covering
  • Thru-Wall Flashing
  • Waterproofing
  • Repairing Brick Balconies
  • Rebuilding Brick Facade
  • Architectural Stone or Brick Installation

Tuck-pointing Services

Tuck-pointing (tuckpointing / tuck pointing) is specialized skill in which a masonry expert will remove deteriorated mortar between bricks and install new mortar. The job can be messy and tedious to perform but when the job is done correctly the results can be amazing. A damaged or deteriorated brick structure can look and perform like new with the help of experienced Minnetonka Masonry Contractors like Dupont Construction & Remodeling. We set high standards for ourselves and it shows in the quality of our Tuck-pointing Services.

Minnetonka Masonry Contractors

Ask the experts at Dupont Construction & Remodeling if you have any questions or concerns with the brick exterior on Minnetonka apartment buildings. Our Professional Tuck-pointing Services are a great way to update the look and performance of masonry structures and facades. Masonry Restoration is often a vital part of exterior apartment restoration to keep building well maintained and looking their very best. Services may include stone repair, caulking and sealing, tuckpointing, architectural elements or rebuilding a brick façade.

Remember Dupont Construction & Remodeling for Minnetonka Brick Apartment Restoration Services. Call us for a Free Estimate at 763-753-9697.

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