Above Garage Room Addition – Blaine, MN (Fire Restoration)

Last year we were contacted by a customer that had a fire in their garage. The homeowner had placed a bag of burnt popcorn on top of their garbage can and it had ignited a fire, the customer had gone to bed after throwing the popcorn away so they were unaware that the fire was taking place in their garage. Thankfully, someone saw the smoke coming out of the garage and called the fire department in the middle of the night. The fire department came out and extinguished the fire, but it had caused pretty significant smoke damage to the garage and the interior of some of the house. The homeowner called their insurance company to come out and they took a look at everything and said that they would be cutting a check for a couple thousand dollars for the clean up and re-painting of the walls in the garage. The homeowner did not feel satisfied with the assessment that the insurance agency did of the damage. That’s when they called us.

Justin went out and took a look at the garage, he also went one step above what the insurance company had done and went up into the crawl space in the ceiling above the garage that lead to the house, the insurance company had never bothered to inspect this area. He noticed that there was significant damage to the roof trusses that were above the garage and the house, and he knew that with the amount of snow we get in Minnesota, there was a good chance this roof would not be able to hold the weight and there could be the potential of serious injury to the homeowners if this was not fixed and the roof collapsed. He called the insurance company back out to re-assess the damage, but he also called in an insurance claim specialist that he works very closely with to assure that the homeowners got everything they were entitled to from the insurance company to repair their home and replace their belongings.

We are happy to say that after working very closely with the insurance claims specialist and the homeowners, they were able to reach a settlement with the insurance company and get everything that the homeowners deserved. Not only was the garage rebuilt, but there was new siding and a new roof installed on the home.

 In addition, with the money that they received from the insurance company for their belongings and the money we were able to save them with their repairs, they had enough left over to build a beautiful 600 sq ft addition above their garage.

They were so happy with the outcome this is what they had to say,”Not only did Dupont Construction go the extra mile to ensure our homes safety and stability when the insurance company failed to do so, but they also helped us to achieve our long time dream of having a beautiful addition above our garage to gather together and enjoy time with our family for many years to come.”

If you find yourself a victim of a fire, storm, or water damage in your home, don’t make the mistake that a lot of people make in assuming that the insurance company has your best interests in mind and will help you restore your home to it’s previous condition. Call Dupont Construction and we will send out our professionals to thoroughly inspect your home and make sure that it is structurally safe and sound and make sure that the insurance company gives you everything you need and deserve to repair your home the correct way.

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